Not Enforce The Law

Pieces Of Paper Do Not Enforce The Law: Stephen F. Hayes smashes Lynn Woolsey, CEDAW and the UN in two short, simple sentences after his first paragraph…

“CALIFORNIA REPRESENTATIVE Lynn Woolsey wants the United States to sign something she refers to as CEDAW–the United Nations’ Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. So she sent out a “dear colleague” letter that reads, in part: “Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, United States, Iran. Which one of these is different from the others??? If you guessed the United States–you’re wrong. If you guessed Saudi Arabia, you’re right.” The Saudis, you see, have signed the treaty. The United States has not.

Some people might conclude that this example proves the worthlessness of U.N.-sponsored paper proclamations. Not Lynn Woolsey.”

Exactly =D

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