Dear Comrade Obama, Please Strike Out At The Bourgeoisie Bankers For Nightline!

Throughout the Bush years, we heard liberals incessantly speculating that Bush would institute fascism in the country or that he had become far too powerful.

Now, we’ve got Barack Obama in the White House, and Terry Moran from Nightline is basically urging Obama to engage in one of the most dramatic and nefarious power grabs in American history,

“Nightline” co-anchor Terry Moran on Tuesday interviewed Barack Obama and pressed him from the left, wondering why he didn’t simply fire the executives who the journalist blamed for “wreck[ing] these banks in the first place.” The two were discussing the stimulus bill and the current economic problems on Wall Street. As the MRC’s Brent Baker already noted in a previous blog, Moran also seriously wondered, “Why not just nationalize the banks?”

After the President suggested that such an idea was unworkable and didn’t make sense, the host persisted. Moran challenged, “People are angry.” Going further, the ABC journalist queried, “Why shouldn’t you just fire the executives who wrecked these banks in the first place and tanked the world’s financial system in the process?”

Nationalize the banks? What makes anybody think that the federal government, or more particularly, Barack Obama, would actually be capable of running a bank better than the people that are running it now? Setting aside the fact that it was the rules put in place by the federal government that caused the mortgage crisis that’s helping to sink so many banks, unlike being a politician, running banks requires skills other than reading off a teleprompter and being really good at lying.

Moreover, Moran is suggesting that Obama actually fire people at private companies? Here’s an idea: why doesn’t he fire Terry Moran for asking such stupid questions.

PS: You know who else is angry? The people who have to listen to left-wing apparatchiks like Terry Moran, who act like PR guys for the Democratic Party while claiming to be unbiased. The banks are supposed to be tanking the “world’s financial system?” Well, Terry Moran and his liberal ilk have abandoned their posts as government watchdogs in order to let Barack Obama and his corrupt, liberal cronies in Congress screw-over the American people. Who’s worse? The bank president who made really dumb decisions because Congress would come down on him like a ton of bricks if he didn’t or the liberal reporters who are bigger party hacks than the “journalists” at Pravda were during the heyday of the Soviet Union?

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