Rasmussen: Public Is Aware That Congress Is Incompetent

It didn’t take the Moonbat Messiah long to start sliding in opinion polls, but here’s a poll liberals can take heart in: only 67% of us think we could do a better job ourselves than the Dems running Congress.

A surprising 19% believe corrupt socialist fools like Nazi Pelousy and Dingy Harry Reid know better than they do how to run the economy, over which the federal government now exerts command and control authority through hyper-regulation and targeted bailouts.

For now, only 44% “think a group of people selected at random from the phone book would do a better job addressing the nation’s problems than the current Congress” — although 20% are undecided, and the Porkulus package will make up their minds, once its outrageous contents and catastrophic effects seep past the media.

More good news for Dems: only 58% agree that “no matter how bad things are, Congress can always find a way to make them worse.”

Maybe the rulers of our kakistocracy don’t need to worry about infuriated crowds closing in on their castle with torches and pitchforks — for another month or so.

Hopefully it won’t be long.

On tips from mandible claw and Burning Hot. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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