Democrat NY Governor Said To Be ‘Meddling’ In The ‘Clusterf***’ Manhunt For Two Escaped Murderers

Democrat NY Governor Said To Be ‘Meddling’ In The ‘Clusterf***’ Manhunt For Two Escaped Murderers

Politics attracts huge egos. Reportedly, one such ego, that of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, is gumming up the works in the manhunt for escaped killers who remain on the run after escaping from prison:




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A manhunt for two murderers, who broke out of an upstate New York prison ten days ago, continued on Monday as it was revealed the cost of the search had topped $10 million – and was growing by $1million a day.

News of the exorbitant amount came as law-enforcement officials alleged New York Governor Andrew Cuomo disrupted the investigation into the prisoners’ escape from a prison in Dannemora, New York, by arriving at the crime scene in the crucial early stages.

Cuomo was accused of ‘meddling’ in the ‘clusterf***’ manhunt for the two escapees, The New York Post reported.

The intense manhunt in far upstate New York hit its 10th day as a woman charged with helping the killers flee, 51-year-old Joyce Mitchell, appeared in court.

Richard Matt, 48, and David Sweat, 35, used power tools, stolen from prison contractors, to break out of the maximum security facility on June 6.

Saranac Central School District held classes on Monday after they were canceled on Thursday and Friday amid reports that the escapees had been spotted in an area close to the prison.

The law-enforcement source, who has regular contact with the investigation, added that while the politician’s appearance generated nationwide publicity for him, it distracted investigators and slowed search efforts.

Governor Cuomo then allegedly refused to enter the ‘command center’ until all non-state employees had been removed by his aids.

‘And they did it without even saying ‘Thanks for your help,’ or such, just, ‘Get out so his highness can enter’,’ the source told the New York Post.

On Monday, Governor Cuomo ordered a thorough investigation to determine all the factors that led to the brazen escape.

A true leader is wise enough to know that he doesn’t know everything and is efficient enough to see the value of proper delegation. It appears that Gov. Cuomo is neither.

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