Why Democrats lose elections: College Republicans group in California labeled as ‘white nationalist’

Why Democrats lose elections: College Republicans group in California labeled as ‘white nationalist’

This is s sample of how the Democrat Party is shooting itself in the foot. They seem to think that labeling all White people who don’t vote Democrat as White Supremacists is a good idea. Keep it up, Idiots!  Here’s a gutsy kid battling Leftwing indoctrination on college campus. This is the kind of courage Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell need to have.

Fox News reports a Republican student at San Diego State University (SDSU) who received violent threats last month is being targeted in a new way, Brandon Jones told Fox News.

Jones, the leader of the College Republicans organization on campus, drew fire from liberal activists last month after he asked a college Muslim association to condemn recent terror attacks overseas. Now, Jones’ organization is being labeled a “white nationalist” group by the university’s Democratic socialist group.

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