Democrats WHINE About These Every Time You Don’t Agree With Them!

Democrats WHINE About These Every Time You Don’t Agree With Them!

There’s one thing that drives me crazy more than anything about liberals. When they refuse to acknowledge facts and use the word that pisses me off to know end. “But”.

What proceeds to follow next is the excuse and ramblings. Here are 3 things that liberals refuse to learn the real definitions.


1) Being Open Minded: Please, don’t insult me. Being open minded doesn’t even have to mean you need to agree, it means you need to allow the point of view to be heard, unbiased. But I suspect the most liberals believe it to mean the former – you MUST agree.


2) Racism: Now this is an ending attack the Democrats and liberals like to push on conservatives. They do this most likely because the facts and the truth is not on their side. If you try “Being Open Minded”, and truly listen to what democrats push, and how they treat minorities and their votes, you will see that they are ripe with racists.


3) Diversity: What liberals mean by “diversity” is that they want people of all types of race, colors, sexual preferences, etc…as long as they agree with the them. If you are black and a conservative, well, you ain’t really black. If you are a woman and a conservative, you are a trader to your nature, and if you are of a different sexual orientation, AND a conservative, you are blacklisted and confused…


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