Devastating Photographs Reveal How Islamic State Thugs Have Destroyed Christian Churches

Devastating Photographs Reveal How Islamic State Thugs Have Destroyed Christian Churches

Christians residing in the Middle East, the birthplace of Abrahamic religions, are being persecuted and fearing for their lives as ISIS continues on their warpath. A recent article by the Daily Mail illustrates the shocking nature of ISIS’ intolerance with regards to houses of Christian worship.


Shocking new images released today have shown ISIS terrorists toppling crosses, smashing Christian relics with hammers and erecting the black flag of ISIS on churches in Iraq.

The latest photos show the militants vandalising churches in Nineveh, the ancient capital of the Assyrian empire.

Pictured in civilian clothing, the ISIS thugs are seen overturning statues, destroying religious icons and replacing Christian crosses with the chilling ISIS banner.

ISIS claim ancient relics promote idolatry that violates their fundamentalist interpretation of Islamic law.

MEMRI director Steven Stalinsky said: ‘They don’t care what it’s called; they are just following their ideology and that means getting rid of churches and minorities. It is the Islamic State, and there’s no room for anyone else.

‘This has been going on for some time, a systematic campaign to rid the region of any vestiges of Christianity.’

In February, the terrorist organisation decapitated 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians on the shores of Libya and then kidnapped more than 220 Assyrian Christians when militants swept into about 12 villages.

Thousands of other Iraqi Christians have fled their homes in fear and are having to find temporary accommodation in the surrounding region.

Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican’s top diplomat at the UN in Geneva, said yesterday the jihadists were committing ‘genocide’ and must be stopped.

The Vatican traditionally opposes military intervention in the region.

Unfortunately, while we should try and avoid a modern-day crusade, Christians in the Middle East are under siege and few in the Western world have voiced a desire to do something significant to help stop this desecration.


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