Did Ted Cruz Release a Hint for 2016?

Did Ted Cruz Release a Hint for 2016?

Ted Cruz supporters have been waiting for Ted Cruz to jump into the 2016 race and give voters a conservative alternative to Jeb Bush and the other establishment candidates.  With releasing this video, it sure does look like he’s ready to make it official

Ted Cruz has released a great new ad today called “A Time for Truth”, suggesting that we should ask our leaders when they have been willing to actually stand with the people. Of course, it points out that he has stood for the people and I hope it’s an indicator that he’s about to step into the presidential ring and announce a 2016 run.

Cruz hasn’t seen any movement in the 2016 polls, but the polls are still in the “I choose the one person I’ve heard of” stage of the primaries.  Anyone who think Cruz is seriously behind someone like Mike Huckabee is just being silly.  As soon as Ted Cruz announces, his top tier.


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