DID YOU KNOW? Convicted CHILD MOLESTERS Are Getting Lifetime Pensions And You Are Paying For It.

DID YOU KNOW? Convicted CHILD MOLESTERS Are Getting Lifetime Pensions And You Are Paying For It.

Wow.. really? Even if you are a convicted felon you are still entitled to your money.


According to this, public employees in Washington get taxpayer guaranteed retirements EVEN IF they are convicted criminals. Awesome huh?

And it gets worse. Teachers in that state can earn the right to LIFETIME RETIREMENT benefits for working for only five years.

The sourcelink news station asked the state for a list of all of the teachers who’ve had their teaching licenses revoked to see what their pension plans looked like, and it turns out 22 teachers, most of which had been convicted of crimes AGAINST KIDS, have received $5.1 million in taxpayer retirement benefits as of the end of 2014.

In 25 states, if you commit a crime as a public employee, you lose your right (at least partially) to your public pension. But Washington doesn’t have that sort of pension forfeiture law. Democratic and Republican state legislators are open to forfeiture laws, but the President of the Washington Teachers’ Association for retirees, Kit Raney, is against it, naturally, because she’s just a typical union head.

“I would fight it,” she said. And she said any talk about t his issue is just “pure noise.” Further, she said teachers shouldn’t lose their pensions under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

This is the level of hosebeastiness we are dealing with, you guys. She genuinely thinks that the criminal justice system takes care of the criminal aspect of a teacher’s life, and that is TOTALLY SEPARATE from the pension system. So OF COURSE convicted child molesters should get taxpayer funded retirements.

Raney accused anyone who thinks otherwise of being anti-teacher and anti-pension. FOR REAL.

Even when common sense dictates that law-abiding taxpayers, many of whom cannot afford to retire themselves, shouldn’t have to pay for the retirements of CONVICTED CRIMINALS, union heads argue it.

Please add this to the endless list of reasons why unions suck monkeyballs.

It is really sad that in a time when our country is running out money, we are paying out pension money to some of the most vile people on earth. We really need to make sure that our politicians are aware of this and are doing something to change it. These people deserve to rot in jail poor and alone.

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