The Disgusting Reason Why a Major TV Network bans the Pledge….

I wasn’t raised in privilege, and I didn’t attend private school. Even if my parents could have afforded it, they would have probably sent me to public school, anyway, because they did, and turned out more than just fine. Every single morning, we would have the signature bong-bong-bong, signaling all of us to hush, rise, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

CBS Sports, apparently, has executives raised differently than that. They think, somehow, that in this PC world we live in, someone could find it too “controversial” that a preschooler would recite the Pledge in an advertisement – SO THEY BANNED IT.


 The 30-second spot for Windermere Real Estate contained almost no content other than the young granddaughter of the company’s owner, hand over heart, reciting the Pledge.

“If you find that offensive, you are totally out of touch with the rest of the country,” said Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

The commericial was to have been aired during the Wrangler Champions Challenge rodeo broadcast, according to the report.

…The Pledge of Allegiance. Recited by a preschooler. Too political. For rodeo.

Honestly, the Pledge was at first something I did without thinking. I later became curious about the Pledge, and just what I was pledging my allegiance to. I began to learn, on my own, with help from the public librarian, about the government, how it worked, the processes, who my elected officials are. I wrote my first letter to Senator Slade Gorton at the age of 9, asking for a recycling program at my school. It began my passion of politics, and it has stayed with me my whole life. Today, I write for a conservative blog. I serve as a Republican PCO (Precinct Committee Officer) at the grassroots level. I volunteer for my state political campaigns and doorbell cheerfully. I met the man I love, because he was running for office. My life is richer and has meaning – and I credit the Pledge. Let’s not let the PC diatribe run America any longer.


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