YOU ARE DISMISSED! Trump Just Cut Ties With Controversial Group!

YOU ARE DISMISSED! Trump Just Cut Ties With Controversial Group!

Part of Donald Trump’s appeal was his willingness to stick it to the establishment, because he didn’t rely on them for funding or support. Millions of Americans agreed with him that it is “time to drain the swamp” and essentially hard-reset Washington D.C. into a machine that is once again by, for and of the people.

So when he became President-elect on November 9th, 2016, people were expecting him to begin filling his transition team with a bunch of tea-party types and Washington outsiders. Supporters quickly became critics when it became clear that Trump was inviting lobbyists into the team.


At first, the Trump camp defended their decision, claiming that they wanted insider expertise, but that excuse didn’t appease critics who saw it as the President-elect backtracking on his “drain the swamp” promise.

Apparently someone at the Trump camp was listening because Vice President-elect Mike Pence has “ordered the removal of all lobbyists from President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team.”

I’m sure these lobbyists thought they were getting the opportunity of a lifetime to help Donald Trump transition from candidate to President and are now sitting out in the cold wondering what happened. Unfortunately for them, their history in Washington (not their experience or effectiveness) are now the reason they are seated on the sidelines.

Do you think this is what Trump should have done, or do you think he needs some experienced members in his transition team to make him as effective as possible as fast as possible?

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