Disturbing Video Game Of The Year

Disturbing Video Game Of The Year: The content of video games has never been a big issue with me. I loved the carnage of Doom, gunning down drug dealers in the street playing Narc, and dispatching my opponents with gory fatalities playing Mortal Kombat. But the Hentai games they’re making overseas are SCARY as you’re about to see.

Something Awful, which is a tremendously funny (although very raunchy) humor website, regularly makes fun of hentai games. The latest one they’ve torn into is called, “Battle Raper: HYPER REALACTION.”

As the name implies, the game is about defeating your opponents in combat and then raping them. Zack Parsons from SA desribes some of the action…

“If you are playing as Zenon you can also “face rape” your opponent in a scene where each time you jam their head down onto Zenon’s invisible penis tears stream down their cheeks. I honestly thought I would never see the day when polygonal characters wept as their face was raped, even in Hentai games. Thankfully, I guess, Zenon is immune to these attacks.”

Against the game’s “boss” character….

“When Zenon beats you it will show a lovely movie of your character being raped by him. This is a reward for fighting him I guess.”

Once you win the game, more rape related material is made available to you…

“Once you beat the game with all of the characters you unlock all of the rape cut scenes, rape-related rendered stills, and molestation sequences for your future amusement.”

Apparently this game does have at least some sort of following as well since a search on Google for the words “battle raper” pulls up 810 entries. Here are some comments from people who played the game that I found on a gaming page

bob the pedo: “i lovew this game it has inspired me so much! i have learnt so many new tricks, and i think its about time i go out and try some out myself. Oh theres a woman now… here goes nothing!”

zenon: “This is a very innovative game. The battles are a bit waek but the adult part is the best. Best of all you get to relook movies and pics and most importantly rescrew the girls after you’ve won. check it out!!”

Dr. J: “…The point in this realtime molestation? Its to do ‘damage’ and to make them ‘weak’ and ‘tired’ enough for the male character to rape them. It’s all very funny and i think that many people will enjoy this.”

Nice huh? I shudder to think of a generation of kids growing up who think nothing of playing games that feature violent beatings followed by rapes. Judging by the number of these games that are out there, it looks like it may already be happening in Japan. Give it a decade, if that, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it happens here as well.

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