Driver’s License? Slap The Cuffs On ‘Em Instead

Driver’s License? Slap The Cuffs On ‘Em Instead: Giving driver’s licenses to people who obviously have no respect for our laws is a terrible idea. So someone tell that to the police in Georgia

“Gone are the days when law-enforcers were at odds with law-breakers. Now a cadre of police chiefs has come out in favor of rewarding illegal aliens. That’s correct. Several police chiefs in Georgia – including chief of Atlanta – want driver’s licenses given to illegal aliens. They are supporting a bill, introduced by a Democrat in the Georgia legislature, that would give licenses to illegal aliens.”

We shouldn’t let illegal aliens have driver’s licenses, use our schools, work in our country, or do anything here other than receive emergency medical care. Giving these people driver’s licenses or anything that makes their life here more comfortable just encourages more people to enter our country illegally. Moreover, we need to start getting the police involved in rounding up illegals, instead of standing by while they advocate aiding and abetting people who’ve broken our immigration laws.

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