D’JEver Notice? XXIV

Neo-Neocon aptly dissects Camille Paglia, who in turn represents many Obama supporters that are beginning to wake up to the fact that He is slightly different from what He was pretending to be…but still want to cling to some part of last year’s dream, and therefore remain partially clueless.

Obama is a savior for the democrat party, that much cannot be in question. The conundrum that confronts our nation, as it sheds on a massive scale the support it used to have for passage of some kind of health care “reform” this year, is this: What are the democrats all about? Do they want to elevate our standard of living, or are they out to erode our sense of independence? As one analyzes their behavior and confines one’s inspection to pressing issues that would arguably do both of these things, such as HillaryCare and ObamaCare, it is impossible to say.

And so the flaccid mind does what it is told, and assists in the circulation of meaningless platitudes in support of the agendas of strangers. Paglia does not possess a flaccid mind…at least, I don’t think she does…but thus far, she has chosen to go this route, which betrays a failing against the yardstick of potential. Her treatise consumes three sizable “pages” out in the innerwebs, because she indulges in bunny-trails of excoriation against George W. Bush. Makes her feel good, I guess. But it’s still off topic.

The more resilient and capable mind pondering what has distressed Ms. Paglia, continues to evaluate the question and inspects other issues. Concentrating, of course, on new ideas that would increase our standard of living and our sense of independence. Can we think of any?

We can enable people to use firearms to defend their homes from intruders.

We can allow parents to extract their children from failing school districts, to home-school them if that’s the best option for them.

We can make sure “workers” are able to vote on union membership in secrecy, so they can vote no if they want to without being harassed, bullied and intimidated.

Come to think of it, we can stop calling them “workers.”

We can lower their taxes.

We can support their country’s bid to define English as its official language…just as other countries have done.

We can raise the bar on litigation, so that frivolous lawsuits against businesses that pass expenses on to the rest of us, are tossed out earlier in the process.

We can let them inherit money and property from their deceased parents who willed it to them.

How does the typical democrat feel about these things that would elevate the American’s sense of financial security simultaneously with his sense of independence?

And if the resilient mind continues to come up with a consistent answer, what would it then conclude about the primary motivational agent for the democrat party? Is it looking out for us and our well-being? And this rush to pass ObamaCare — did our exercise succeed in soothing our concerns about the motives behind it? And about where such a program might be headed in the years to come, if it should pass? Are we all breathing a sigh of relief now?

Cross-posted at House of Eratosthenes.

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