Reagan/Obama Debate

Thanks to Texas Rainmaker for this one.

This mindset continues to confuse me…

1. Conservatives aren’t good people because we’re greedy.
2. Liberals aren’t like us, they aren’t greedy; that makes them better people.
3. Once elected to positions of power, liberals make the country better by making a bunch of wonderful new rules and “inspiring” people to do wonderful things.
4. And as Joe Biden pointed out, paying more taxes makes you more patriotic.

If these things represent inherent and intrinsic goodness, which liberal-minded people already have, why do they have to wait for that liberal guy to get elected? Why was Tom Daschle in all this trouble for not knowing his car-benefit was taxable — why would that be an issue? Why did Tim Geithner forget about his tax obligations? Why not just go ahead and pay it? Aren’t good people like them sending enormous checks in to the Treasury, on top of the tax liability rightly or wrongly computed for that year, to show what wonderful people they are?

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