DNC Chair Donna Brazile Says Trump Victory Tainted By Russian Intrusion [VIDEO]

DNC Chair Donna Brazile Says Trump Victory Tainted By Russian Intrusion [VIDEO]

Democratic National Committee Donna Brazile disputed President-elect Donald Trump’s legitimacy because of the Russian’s hacking intended to impede the 2016 presidential election, stating that the result was “tainted by this intrusion.”


Oh well, then Donna. Unfortunately, what happened is NOT an excuse for your cheating. Way to just blast past the question and give yourself an out. THAT… that right there is the exact political speak that voters this past election, HATED. Hated with a fiery passion. You and the rest of the Democrats have your ears stopped and won’t listen to any reason. You and the media look back and ask why you lost the election, without a single thought as to why. No self reflection, like a normal, healthy body of people would do, no, it’s ALWAYS some outside influence. Some bigoted candidate. Some idiot, no brain Republican…it could never be that your party chose THE WORST candidate to run for office. One that was under federal investigation! FEDERAL INVESTIGATION! And you all thought that would fly.

Your poor choice in a candidate is the reason your own voters didn’t show up to the polls. It’s the reason you lost the election. It’s not because of hacking. It’s not because Putin had a giant hand in the election results. Was it Putin and this hacking that kept Clinton from campaigning in Wisconsin? NO! So quiet with your pathetic and just plain lunatic reactions, claiming that the election should have been Hillary’s because of such and such…The Democratic Party and leadership is filled with nothing but Socialist and Communist radicals that worship nothing but the almighty government.


Donna is a prime example of the worst of the worst. She is not the example to follow and if the Dems know what’s good for them, they will drop all the radicals they have leading the party, open up their eyes and ears, and start listening to the people. They don’t care about your stupid government programs and radical agendas that make no sense to the everyday person…

They care about working, sheltering and feeding their families.

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