Do You Think the Iran Deal Is Going Well? A Revolutionary Guard Leader Just Promised to Shoot Negotiators

Only Obama and his most loyal sycophants think the deal with Iran is a good thing and/or going well.  The rest of us think a REVOLUTIONARY GUARD LEADER threatening to shoot negotiators is a big f***ing deal…


Gen. Hossein Salami, the Guard’s deputy leader, told Iranian state television that allowing foreign inspection of military sites is tantamount to “selling out,” raising the stakes as talks between Iran and the six-nation group are to resume April 22 in Vienna.

“We will respond with hot lead (bullets) to those who speak of it,” Salami said. “Iran will not become a paradise for spies. We will not roll out the red carpet for the enemy.”

Salami said allowing foreign inspectors to visit a military base would amount to “occupation,” and expose “military and defense secrets.”

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All while still denying that their nuclear program is a “myth.”  Just take their word for it, like our President is apparently doing.

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