Donald Trump just made Obama a hysterical offer to “resign from office NOW”,

Donald Trump just made Obama a hysterical offer to “resign from office NOW”,

Awwww…poor Obama. He got rejected from several golf courses over Labor Day weekend. Never fear, the TRUMPSTER is here! And he is making you an offer I hope you don’t refuse:



News broke today that President Obama was rebuffed in his attempt to golf at several exclusive country clubs over the Labor Day weekend while he waited around for the wedding of an MSNBC host and his personal chef. (Must be nice to have that kind of downtime.)

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The rejection wasn’t personal, it’s just that no one was willing to take the huge financial hit of clearing their tee time schedule of dues paying members to accommodate the president’s foursome. (The whole course has to be cleared for the president to play, for understandable security reasons.)

Since Labor Day weekend is a huge weekend for golf, no one was willing to anger people who give them money for a man who wants to take an ever-growing chunk of it.

A smart business decision.

One of the courses that told the president no was Trump National Golf Club.

After the news broke, The Donald himself took to Twitter to announce a peace offering to the Golfer-In-Chief: Resign and you can play all you want for free

Haha. Well Played, Trump, Well Played.



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