Dozens Of ‘Parents’ Start MASS BRAWL At Children’s Birthday Party! – VIDEO

Dozens Of ‘Parents’ Start MASS BRAWL At Children’s Birthday Party! – VIDEO

Footage has come out of a giant free-for-all that broke out between parents inside a…wait for it…FLORIDA Chuck E. Cheese’s during a children’s birthday party. Florida has become the Walmart of the Unites States. You just try to avoid it at all costs and when you absolutely cannot, you avoid eye contact with everyone that comes into your peripheral. I mean, it’s THAT bad.


You think I’m joking, huh?

The fight involved a large group of both mothers and fathers who are shamelessly seen in a hazy cellphone video hitting, kicking and pulling each other’s hair.

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At the start of the chaotic clip, two women are seen going savage on each other, while a man is seen dragging another man across the floor while simultaneously kicking him.

Throughout the fight, people can be heard screaming and shouting, but the funny thing is that there doesn’t seem to be many children in the video.

However, according to reports, the fighting took place during one of the children’s birthday parties, and may have played a factor in the idiotic behavior. Chuck E. Cheese has yet to comment on the video thus far.

A lot of attention has been swirling around the restaurant franchises, which has prompted the question as to why it has become a mecca for fights and violence.

Recently, a police officer in Oak Lawn, Illinois, was attacked while answering a domestic disturbance at Chuck E. Cheese.

As a result, CEC corporate executives traveled to Oak Lawn to meet with the mayor, police chief and village manager to try and smooth things over and give assurances.

However, there was no advice in terms of security changes that came from the meeting. Instead, it all boiled down to recommending that the restaurant install more lights and re-position some games.

That’s the ticket! That will solve all of the trashy problems that old franchise deals with.

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