Drudge Scoops The Networks W/ Exit Poll Data

Drudge Scoops The Networks W/ Exit Poll Data: I’m sure all the network guys are ripping their hair out because Drudge has already posted exit poll data and they’re holding off on posting anything because they got thrashed after the 2000 election. Meanwhile, I’m betting that Drudge’s servers are melting down because of all the traffic. Here’s the info — following will be a few quick comments…

“The DRUDGE REPORT can reveal morning and early afternoon exit polling results circulating in top media circles. The polls remain open in all locations. According to sources, Senate races:

Pryor (D) leads easily

Strickland (D) leads easily

Chambliss (R) +4

Landrieu (D) headed for runoff

Coleman [R] +3

Talent (R) leads

New Jersey
Lautenberg [D] leads Forrester

North Carolina
Bowles (D) leads Dole [Dole was leading earlier in day]

South Dakota
Thune [R] +3

Cornyn (R) +8

[Based on early exit polls, GOP is set to win Georgia, Missouri, Minnesota and S Dakota ; DEMS set to win Arkansas, Colorado North Carolina and New Jersey. ]”

Comments: It’s disappointing to see Allard nose-diving. While I picked Strickland, I though Allard at least had a shot to win. Chambliss winning would be a pleasant surprise. It looks like my contact at the Chambliss campaign wasn’t steering me wrong. Louisiana may become the center of the universe next month if Landrieu can’t win outright and the results stay as they are. I don’t buy the Dole result in NC. I still think she’ll pull it out although I could be proven wrong.

If these numbers hold, we’ll be 49-49-1 with the runoff in Cajun country next month deciding who controls the Senate….

***Update***: Two interesting bits of news from the Corner.

First, John Hood echoes my comments on Dole…

“The early exit polling in Bowles-Dole is mixed, but don’t read too much into it. State Republicans in 2000 and again in 2002 were more successful than Democrats in making use of the new early-voting system. Exit polls won’t capture this differential. Still, the last-minute Zogby trend in North Carolina — Dole up by 10 points — would seem unlikely to pan out.”

Also, Rich Lowry says…

“Sununu seems to be leading. I’m told that it isn’t exactly clear that Dole is losing—don’t ask me why.”

That’s another race most people are putting in the Democrat column. If Drudge’s numbers were to hold other than for Dole and Sununu wins, the GOP would pick-up 2 seats. It’s still early so don’t get too excited yet, but this is at least a good start to the night…

***Update #2***: Two updates on the numbers from Drudge…

Pryor (D) leads 51-49

South Dakota
Thune [R] too Close to call

Drudge also says Jeb Bush is down to 51%. I don’t buy that…

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