Dying 6-year-old-boy invited for honorary high school diploma; watch the tear-jerking video

Dying 6-year-old-boy invited for honorary high school diploma; watch the tear-jerking video

terminal illnessJordan Planitz, only six years old, has a terminal neurological syndrome. His brain is growing at a rate that will eventually outsize his skull and cause a fatal seizure. He will never live long enough to graduate from high school. But when he met some high school seniors during a “Principal for a Day” program, they decided the little guy should get to graduate with them this year. 

The Daily Mail reports,

Donning an alphabet-themed gown and a golden sash, the six-year-old boy was applauded and cheered as he was led to the stage at Buffalo’s Tri-City High School by three graduating students.

The senior class – who had gotten to know Jordan earlier in the year and had invited him to the event – rose to their feet as he was handed his diploma in the school gym on Sunday afternoon.

With the paper in his tiny hands, the adorable youngster – who suffers from a terminal neurological syndrome – then received a hug from one of the three students, Valedictorian Bethany Daniels.

He was watched by his tearful mother, Deanna, father, Andrew, and nine-year-old twin brothers.

Just when you think the younger generation has become so selfish, they surprise you with something heartwarming like this. Whoever came up with the idea should be commended. There are only nine people in the world with Jordan’s condition, MPPH syndrome (megalencephaly, polymicrogyria, polydactyly and hydrocephalus), which is characterized by brain abnormalities and excess fluid in the skull, so very little research has been done. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jordan and his family as they continue down life’s journey. Watch the video below, where Jordan’s mother is interviewed and talks about how special it is for God to have chosen her to have Jordan “on loan from God” for a brief period. He can’t say much, but he can blow kisses and say “See ya!” As someday he will for the very last time.

Rachel Alexander

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