Ellen DeGeneres Just BANNED President Trump From Her Show- Her Excuse Is…

Ellen DeGeneres Just BANNED President Trump From Her Show- Her Excuse Is…

Matt Laur, the host from Today, showed up at Ellen DeGeneres studio to interview her this week. He asked her a few questions but it was obvious that the point he was there was to talk about President Trump. In a very klunky transition Lauer asked DeGeneres if she had ever worked with Mr. Trump. He then quickly transitioned over the the question of intent which was is DeGeneres would ever invite the president on her show for an interview knowing that she invited former president Barack Obama twice and former 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

Her answer was quick as if she expected the question. She said, “Um, no. Because I’m not going to change his mind.”

I guess the point of her show isn’t to entertain but to teach and ‘change minds’. She explained that, “He’s against everything that I stand for. We need to look at someone else who looks different than us and believes in something that we don’t believe in and still accept them, and still let them have their rights.”

Ellen Degeneres says she wouldn’t like to have Trump on her show because they don’t believe in the same things:

President Trump has talked over and over about the personal and financial security of Americans. I guess focusing on America’s safety and welfare is against what DeGeneres stands for. Earlier in her interview, DeGeneres said that after she came out as gay — 20 years ago on her 90s show Ellen — she could not find work in Hollywood for three years… which is weird because many straight people in Hollywood end up out of work for longer periods. She has often criticized the president’s refugee policy on social media, “For me, America is great because of all the people who came here. Not in spite of them.” It seems she confuses the safety of Americans with being anti-immigrant… she’s completely off the mark. Do you believe blocking a half dozen countries from entering the United States would be considered being anti-anyone-who-is-different-than-you? At one point DeGeneres tweeted to her many Twitter followers, along with the hashtag #NoBan:

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