Elsa the Dog Rescued After Being FROZEN to Garage Floor When Her Owner Left Her There ‘For Days’

Elsa the Dog Rescued After Being FROZEN to Garage Floor When Her Owner Left Her There ‘For Days’

Elsa, a dog named after one of the female characters in the hit movie “Frozen,” was found actually frozen to the floor of the garage she was locked in “for days” according to a neighbor. She had frostbite on her ears, bleeding paws and toes that were frozen together in blocks of ice.


From The Daily Mail:

Police have rescued a dog who was found frozen to the ground of a garage.

The 10-year-old chow, nicknamed Elsa after the movie Frozen, had bleeding paws and frostbitten ears with her lead wrapped around her leg as wind chill temperatures hovered around -10F in Ecorse, Michigan.

A frozen bowl of water was inches away, just out of reach, police said.

Officers were called to her rescue by a neighbor who heard whimpering inside the building at 9.30am on Tuesday.

‘It took about a half an hour to get her unfrozen from the ground,’ Patricia Trevino of the River Rouge Animal Shelter told WJBK.

‘They had to pour warm water on her. Her two legs were frozen. The side of her face and her side, she was literally lying frozen to the ground.’

‘The dog was incoherent, was not responsive. She didn’t start crying until the water was poured on her,’ Trevino said.

Speaking from Healthy Paws Medical Center in Westland, where Elsa is being treated, Trevino said: ‘Her feet are literally bleeding tonight when she walks because they were frozen. They were a block of ice. The toes were frozen together.’

The owner claimed he put Elsa in the garage at 5am and did not realize how cold it was.

His neighbor Marylou Rotrock disputes the account, saying he has been out of town for days.

He has been cited and police are pursuing animal cruelty charges, according to Fox News.

‘I kept hearing (the dog), so I had to walk over there,’ Rotrock told Fox News. ‘And I’m not one that goes over on other people’s property. Something told me I had to.

‘Her body was frozen to the ground.

‘There was no food in the bowl and some of the excrement had plastic bag pieces in it.’

Donations for Elsa have surpassed $1,000, Fox News reported. To donate contact Healthy Paws on 734-326-7297.

I desperately hope that his dog finds a good home. If you’re in the area, and are a responsible pet owner, you may want to give special consideration to the adoption of this poor little girl. No animal deserves what she’s been through.

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