Eminem Releases New Album All About TRASHING Trump – It BACKFIRED!

Eminem Releases New Album All About TRASHING Trump – It BACKFIRED!

President Donald Trump has made a lot of enemies within the United States, including people in Hollywood who don’t see him as the best choice for the Oval Office. Some entertainers, like rapper Eminem, have taken to trashing him in their art. Unfortunately for them, Trump is a lot more popular with people than they realize.

Eminem recently released an entire album that seemed to be dedicated to bashing the President and his family, with one song even talking about putting Ivanka Trump in his “trunk.” (Eminem has a long history of rapping about violence against women, so this is really no different.)

The sales numbers are in for the rapper’s new record and it’s as abysmal as you would probably expect.

Following his anti-Trump freestyle at the BET awards, Eminem began his tantrum against the President. As all good parenting books will tell you, you need to ignore children who are having a fit, because you don’t want to reward bad behavior. The rapper has previously admitted that it enrages him that Trump isn’t responding to his provocations and if the President were to respond, Eminem has plenty of things to say to him.

Trump, to his credit, has remained silent on the issue, allowing Eminem to cry himself out. For a President who would normally take to Twitter to respond to the smallest attack, this is extremely uncharacteristic. However, it has proven to be one of the best moves he could make, because the rapper now looks like an idiot yelling at a wall. If Trump were to respond, it would likely increase Eminem’s popularity among those who dislike the President.

Perhaps this is why record sales are so low.

HipHopDX is estimating the Eminem will sell approximately 250,000 to 260,000 units, with 180,000 to 190,000 being pure album sales. His last record sold 792,000 in the first week of its release, just for reference.

Even the left-leaning opinion site Slate is forced to admit that Marshal Mathers’ new album is less-than-spectacular.

Could that be because his lyrics are sub-par?

“Racism is the only thing he’s fantastic for because that’s how he gets his f**kin rocks off and he’s orange,” he sings. “Yeah, sick tan. That’s why he wants us to disband. Because he cannot withstand the fact were not afraid of Trump. Walking on eggshells, I came to stomp. That’s why he keeps screaming ‘drain the swamp,’ because he’s in quicksand.”

“He says he wants to lower our taxes,” the lyrics continue. “Then who’s going to pay for his extravagant trips back and forth with his fam to his golf resorts and his mansions.”

Oh wow, calling the President orange. What a burn. Nobody has ever said that before, Eminem is a lyrical genius.

Please, this is a pathetic attempt for him to regain 5 more minutes of fame because he’s drying up. I’m glad it’s bombing. Maybe he’ll go back to the old stuff that sold millions and didn’t piss off an entire political affiliation.

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