Emotional ANNOUNCEMENT From Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson

Emotional ANNOUNCEMENT From Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson

By Right Wing News’ Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame has always been a devout Christian. But she periodically finds herself hiding things from God in prayer. I think we all do. No one wants to fail or feel they are doing the wrong thing. Prayer is a time of cleansing and healing though… a time to come close to God and open up so He can help you. Sadie figured that out by herself and is vowing to no longer hold back when praying. That’s the sign of a true and devout Christian.

When you hide things from God, you are actually hiding them from yourself and not being honest. You can’t solve a problem if you wont’ even face it. The very first step of helping yourself is to acknowledge what you are doing is wrong. You can’t hide things from God anyway. He already knows. So, the biggest ‘solid’ you can do is to be honest all the way around. You’d be surprised how freeing it is to just come clean.

The longer you lie to yourself and to God, the harder it is to tell the truth. That’s just the way it works. It’s only human to want to hide from things we find difficult or unpleasant. But we are taught in the Bible and in life that to face whatever it is you feel the need to lie over, is to beat it back and to survive whatever you are facing.

God is strength and he is what gets us through even the darkest times of our lives. When my father passed, I was out of it for a year. I turned away from God in anger. But God didn’t turn away from me. He was still there. The truth is the only way to go… it is the only way to heal, get better and rise above our challenges. God makes all that possible and Sadie Robertson gets that. Good for her.

I used to hide things from God in my prayer life. I mainly did because I was afraid. I was afraid I would fail in that area again. I thought maybe I was doing me and God both a solid to just not mention it. That only created division between myself and my creator. The one that Knit me in my mothers womb. There was something in between us hindering our relationship, because I wouldn't address the elephant in the room. The things I was holding onto were starting to weigh heavier. The longer this went on the louder my struggle got, and the quieter it seemed like the voice of truth got. It's crazy how when you run from truth you run into so many lies. I began to justify things and rewrite truth until ultimately I felt as though it wasn't even something I needed to pray about. wow … can we get so off as humans. Eventually life slapped me in the face and before I could slap back I found myself gently opening the pages of the Bible and seeing all the truth I had run from for so long. As it is said…"you can't say that God is silent when your bible is closed" you also can't say He isn't answering when you never even asked a question, or you wrote His answer for Him. For those of you who may be afraid of God, because you see Him as "judgement" I want to offer you some other names for Him… He is…. the way, the TRUTH, the life, a rock, LOVE, peace, the creator, sovereign, He is strength when we are weak, He IS the beginning and the end. He honestly has used me most in my weakest moments. He has given my pain purpose. He has constantly showed me redemption. So, today if you have made a name for who God is, but never opened the book to see or asked to receive I want to challenge you to do so. Pursue truth today, and you will find peace. Praying for all of you warriors run to truth.

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