Engineering Student Rides A Barbie Jeep Around Campus After Her Driving License Was Suspended

Engineering Student Rides A Barbie Jeep Around Campus After Her Driving License Was Suspended

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade- or so the adage goes. One college girl got her wheels yanked when she got a DUI. However, she made the most of her situation and got some new wheels:


Having been barred from driving her car after a DWI arrest, a creative Texas State University student switched to a different set of wheels – a hot pink Barbie Jeep.

Tara Monroe, a junior majoring in industrial engineering, had her license suspended after she refused to submit to a Breathalyzer test during a traffic stop on her way home from a concert.

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Her father drove from the family’s home in Kingwood to San Marcos to take away her vehicle, leaving Tara with only two available modes of transportation: a bicycle or her own two feet.

But Monroe went a different route, instead purchasing a pink-and-purple, 12-volt battery-operated plastic Jeep for $60 on Craigslist.

Speaking to My San Antonio, the 5-foot-3 engineering major said that when she went to pick up her new ride, the vehicle’s previous owner, a young girl named Charlene, looked around in confusion asking where was the little one who would be cruising in her Jeep.

‘I’m the little one,’ Monroe told her.

Since then, she has become something of a local attraction on the Texas State University-San Marcos campus, where she can be seen cruising daily in her miniature automobile.

Social media users have also taken notice of Monroe, sharing snapshots of the 20-year-old going around town at 5mph in her Barbie mobile.

Monroe, who was arrested on March 4 with a $3,000 bond, said she is flattered and surprised by all the attention garnered by her second-hand toy Jeep, which she appropriately nicknamed ‘Charlene’ after the little girl she bought it from.

‘This is the best way I could have gotten my 15 minutes of fame,’ she said. ‘Basically, it was the best decision I’ve made in college, yet.’

She told My San Antonio: Most people don’t find the things me and my friends do very funny, just immature, so I didn’t expect to get this big of a reaction. People who don’t know me are shocked but my friends weren’t even surprised because I do stuff like this all the time.’

Hopefully she knows that in most states, driving any motorized vehicle while intoxicated is still eligible for a DUI citation.

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