Entitled Thug Messes With His New Car… BAD Idea! [VIDEO]

Entitled Thug Messes With His New Car… BAD Idea! [VIDEO]

Two guys who have dubbed themselves as the “The Viral Brothers” on youtube, have a very good sized fanbase. A fanbase that returns to their channel to watch them prank other people. This particular prank you are about to see though, didn’t go as planned. They wanted to teach an older American man a lesson in manners… but got schooled themselves instead.

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The clip below, which has been seen millions of times, shows two young men pulling a disgusting prank on a man who allegedly cut them off in traffic with his Lamborghini and gave them the middle finger.

The pranksters Erik Meldik and Cenek Styblo thought they’d teach the elderly American man who cut them off on the road a lesson.But before they can even get started, they end up walking away with something to think about…

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While no one likes aggressive driving, the ViralBrothers never expected to be the victims in their prank.

When he’s away from his vehicle, they get up near the car and one of the pranksters pulls down his pants and takes a fake poop on the luxury vehicle.

The old man catches him wiping himself with toilet paper. So he does something no one expected.

Because of this incident, VIralBrothers say they are planning to leave the U.S. They’re afraid more Americans will use our second amendment rights to taser the European pranksters.

It wouldn’t have happened if they didn’t get their feelings hurt in the first place by some old dude they didn’t know cutting them off and giving them the finger. Who cares? But, by all means…leave, because Europe is SO MUCH safer than America now…right?

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