Even Robert Fisk Knows Saddam Isn’t Serious

Even Robert Fisk Knows Saddam Isn’t Serious: President Bush has made it clear that he’s very skeptical of Saddam Hussein’s offer of “unconditional inspections” and guess who agrees with him? None other than Robert Fisk! As I was wading through the sea of blithering idiocy that is the latest Fisk column, I was surprised to read this…

“No wonder the United States was whingeing on about “false hopes” yesterday. No wonder the Americans were searching desperately for another casus belli – be sure that they will find one – in an attempt to make sure that their next war keeps to its timetable. Be sure, too, that Saddam, that master of the post-agreement conditional clause, will have a few surprises for the UN inspectors when they do turn up in Baghdad. Will the UN boys be allowed to visit the Beast of Baghdad’s palaces? Will they be waved through all checkpoints when they want to visit Tuwaitha or any of the other horror factories in which the Iraqis once cooked up their biological weapons?

But for now, the Americans have been sandbagged. It will take at least 25 days to put the UN inspection team together, another 60 for their preliminary assessment – always assuming they are given “unfettered” access to all Iraqi government facilities — then another 60 days for further inspections. In other words, George Bush’s latest war has been delayed by more than five months. Saddam, of course, must have his own worries. Back in 1996, the Iraqis were already accusing the UN inspectorate of working with the Israelis.”

If even Robert Fisk can figure out that Saddam isn’t sincere and that this is nothing but a delaying tactic, what excuse do members of Congress or people at the UN have for being fooled?

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