The US-UN Divorce? Let’s Hope So

The US-UN Divorce? Let’s Hope So: Whigging Out had this to say about the rift Saddam’s lame offer for inspections is starting to cause between the US and the UN,

“You read the prediction here first that the unseemly US-UN marriage and honeymoon was kaput as of last night. Now those first fruits of discord are showing up publicly and I suggest everyone go out and get a bottle of good champagne. Let us celebrate the gift of freedom from that sh*[email protected] (oops, that’s so undiplomatic a term) organization.”

If wouldn’t bother me a bit if the UN didn’t support us. It would make them look impotent, foolish, and totally irrelevant when we go in without them. Then after Iraq is liberated, it’ll become obvious that Saddam had tons of chemical and biological weapons, has extensive terrorist ties, and was well along towards building a nuke. From then on, we’ll forever more be able to point at Iraq as a perfect example of why we shouldn’t pay any attention to the United Nations. Sure I wouldn’t mind the help, but long-term, the precedent of hitting Iraq after telling the UN to get lost would be useful as well.

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