We’re Building A Pipeline Where??!?!

We’re Building A Pipeline Where??!?!: This is a dark day for the ‘war for oil’ contingent of the tin-foil hat brigade. You remember them don’t you? They’ve been telling us for almost a year that 9/11 was only a convenient excuse for us to invade Afghanistan. Our real purpose was to get the Taliban out of the way so W, Dick Cheney & the oil companies could build a pipeline across Afghanistan that would carry oil from Caspian. Well they’re building a pipeline, but it isn’t going through Afghanistan…

“U.S. Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham joined the presidents of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey on Wednesday for what he called “one of the most important energy undertakings” – the start of construction of the Baku-Ceyhan oil pipeline”

But if the pipeline is going through Turkey and Georgia that must mean that the US got snookered somehow since according to the ‘war for oil’ people we wanted to build the pipeline through Afghanistan right? Not exactly…

“It (the pipeline) has won strong support from the United States, which is eager to find a more stable energy source outside the sway of the Middle East. Aliev said Wednesday that U.S. help in championing the pipeline had been crucial.”

So now that the pipeline isn’t going through Afghanistan, will the ‘war for oil’ conspiracy freaks who were plugging this theory finally admit they were wrong?

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