Ex-MMA Fighter CAUGHT ON CAMERA Carrying Unconscious Woman, What He Does To Her… [VIDEO]

Ex-MMA Fighter CAUGHT ON CAMERA Carrying Unconscious Woman, What He Does To Her… [VIDEO]

Mixed Martial Arts is huge! It easily has become the new ‘sweet science’ that boxing was (all my opinion, so don’t harpoon me). These guys, and ladies, train almost everyday, at least the professionals who carry fighting contracts. Their entire professional lives revolve around training, stepping into a caged octagon with an opponent, winning or losing, then repeating the whole process. They all want to be the best in their weight class and that requires them to have the aggression of an animal.

But not all animals are domesticated.


Rodolfo Ramirez, 28, is a retired MMA fighter who was caught on security camera leaving a bar in Scottsdale, Arizona last Saturday. Not a big deal really…until you see the human body flung across his shoulders. A female human body.

Ramirez is now being charged with sexual assault.

He is accused of sexually assaulting his victim in the parking garage, then taking Uber to his home and raping her two more times before dropping her off like some type of meat at an intersection near her female friend’s dorm in Tempe.


When initially questioned by police, Ramirez denied the charges, saying that the young woman was not ‘pretty enough’ and ‘not his type’. But after being pressed further, he finally admitted that he did indeed rape the victim and acknowledged that she could not have been aware of what he was doing to her because of her intoxicated state, according to police documents.

The victim reported that she had gone out with her friend to the Bottle Blonde Bar. She became intoxicated and was left outside by her friend. It was then that Ramirez took advantage of the situation, took the young lady and assaulted her.

Ramirez was later arrested this past Wednesday on two counts of kidnapping, three counts of sexual assault and one count of sexual abuse.

He appeared before a judge and he was not granted bail…good. Savage animals belong with other savage animals. In jail.

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