EXCLUSIVE: Democrat Party CAUGHT ON VIDEO Bribing People to Register As Democrats!

EXCLUSIVE: Democrat Party CAUGHT ON VIDEO Bribing People to Register As Democrats!

You’ve probably suspected members of the Democrat Party using shady practices when it comes to voter registration. If you tell someone you think Dems are crooked they look at you like you’re some conspiracy theorist who’s all sour grapes about the organization. With easy access to take video wherever and whenever—suspicions are now turning into substantive accusations! Today, my friend from Nevada called me with a secret video that REVEALS Dems bribing people to sign up to be Democrat! You’ll NEVER guess WHAT the Democrat Party is bribing people to register with their party now…

Democrat Voter reg fraud in Washoe County

Witness, Paul Jackson of Washoe County, revealed and released to me this video taken Sunday September 13th 2015 at the Latin Street Festival near Reno, NV.

As you can see the sign behind shows the Washoe County Democrat Party is giving their best pitch to register new democrats. In the video the old man offers the cameraman (who filmed what he observed to be a voter registration violation) “FREE candy & a month’s FREE membership to European fitness Center”. The cameraman was said to be undercover for the local American’s For Prosperity.

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The cameraman, who goes by the name “Tony”, tells the guy at the Washoe Country Democrat Party table that his friend had just moved into town and might be interested in registering to vote in Nevada. He said he was gathering information for his friend to register to vote at “a really good organization” like the Democrat Party and asks what his friend will “get” to register Democrat. Just what do democrats offer Millenials to join the Democrat Party, you may ask? According to this video below… FREE Candy and FREE Health Club memberships. No seriously [WATCH BELOW]

Dem: Tony,If he lives here he can register here, he needs to vote here.
“Tony”: And then he gets the free candy… what else does he get?
Dem: Ooooo if you register here you get a months free membership at European Fitness Center
“Tony”: A Months free membership at European Fitness Center?
Dem: Yep… go for it.

These slimy characters will do anything to bring in easy voter targets. People who sign up with a political party because of the free candy and club memberships surely will be easily influenced when election time comes around. If the Republican party tried this it would be ALL over the news exploiting the corruption of the GOP and the lengths they would go to, to register voters to their party… with the Dems, it’s like meh… business as usual.

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