EXPOSED: Obama’s Plan to Sabotage the Presidential Election

EXPOSED: Obama’s Plan to Sabotage the Presidential Election

At this point, we need a damn superhero to cleanse D.C…. NOW the Obama Administration wants to make sure non-citizens get to vote in the upcoming election… the world no longer makes any sense.



This is just wrong: where will it end.

We are giving our country away, and there is not one leader in the nation who is willing to stop it. Next illegal immigrants will be receiving welfare benefits and Social Security. How much is this whole immigration mess costing American Taxpayers?

The time for some radical changes passed years ago, and now it is too late and to make matters worse, the Dems are very likely to win the next presidential election.

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Say goodbye to freedom, the American dream and way of life and say hello to socialism, higher taxes, increased government and a complete meltdown of American ambition and competition.

From the National Review:

On February 12, these groups filed a lawsuit in D.C. federal court seeking to reverse a recent decision by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC). The Commission’s decision allows Kansas and other states, including Arizona and Georgia, to enforce state laws ensuring that only citizens register to vote when they use a federally designed registration form. An initial hearing in the case is set for Monday afternoon, February 22.

Under federal law, the EAC is responsible for designing the federal voter-registration form required by the National Voter Registration Act, or Motor Voter, as it is commonly called. While states must register voters who use the federal form, states can ask the EAC to include instructions with the federal form about additional state registration requirements. Some states are now requiring satisfactory proof of citizenship to ensure that only citizens register to vote.

This Administration has lowered the bar so low when it comes to respecting the rule of law that we are looking more and more like a country doing a limbo dance, as in how low can you go?

We need a citizens revolt and we need to start by marching on Washington and escort our government officials including the Justice Department and the Supreme Court into the ocean and let them swim to Mexico or Cuba or just drown. Enough is enough! These invading criminals have no rights and they damn sure don’t have the right to vote but they do have the right to be executed.

Can you hear that? Obama is laughing at us… He’s getting everything he wanted.

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