Facebook Removed Photos of Baby Born Without Nose And His Mother is Enraged

Facebook Removed Photos of Baby Born Without Nose And His Mother is Enraged

Facebook is very wishy-washy on what does and does not violate its standards. For instance, pictures of Islamic militants holding the severed heads of Christians can stay up for days or weeks, or even months, but the pictures one mother allowed a pro-life page to post of her son who had been born without nasal passages or sinus cavities, were quickly removed.


From The Daily Mail:

After initially removing photos of an Alabama boy born without a nose because they were deemed to be too controversial, Facebook has reinstated photos of the infant, according to his mother.

Timothy Eli Thompson was born premature on March 4 without any nasal passages or sinus cavities, a condition so rare it only has a one in 197 million chance of happening.

His mother Brandi McGlathery said Facebook removed a photo of her son a pro-life group tried to post to promote Eli’s story.

The story was shared 30,000 times in six hours and the ban was lifted after complaints, WKRG reported.

Brandi said: ‘I posted the status with a link about it saying no one’s going to keep me from posting photos of my child.

‘If I can see completely distasteful things on Facebook all day long, then I can post a picture of my son.

‘He was everywhere and he broke the internet!’

Eli had to undergo a tracheotomy at only five days old.

Doctors hope to be able to drill nasal passages in Eli’s skull which will allow him to breathe when he is older.

 A family friend set up a GoFundMe page to help Eli’s parents pay for his care.

Brandi wrote: ‘He will have to have a tracheoomy & a feeding bag inserted into his stomach, which is also not what I expected.

‘I would be so grateful for anything anyone could spare, but if you cannot afford to help with money I will be just as appreciative for prayers for my sweet Eli.

‘He has a long road a head of him & we need all the support we can get.’

Who reports photos of children born with a physical disability? You’d have to be extremely hateful to do that. This is a beautiful baby boy who didn’t have the luxury of being born “normal” but that doesn’t make him any less qualified to have his pictures shared on Facebook.

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