Why Is “Fame” Cooler Than Hard Work?

Why Is “Fame” Cooler Than Hard Work?

We are currently living in a society where people will do anything to be famous. Girls are getting plastic surgery to be more “attractive” in the hopes of getting reality shows. Guys are getting fake tans, putting on over-large sunglasses and playing some technology-addled music in an attempt to become a famous DJ. We have so many shows like “America’s Got Talent,” The Voice,” American Idol” and others who give even the most mediocre humans their fifteen minutes of fame. It’s “cool” to try to get famous for anything. Look at Kim Kardashian whose only claim to fame is having sex on camera, and then having the video leaked onto the internet. Yet young people everywhere look up to her as if she’s something to emulate and idolize. Why?


Why is it cool to be famous, while blue-collar workers are looked upon with contempt? It’s simple: Fame is easy. You don’t have to work at being famous. You can literally walk out of your house and have millions of people ooh and ahh about the fact that you bothered to get out of bed that morning. But it’s not the same when you actually have to work for a living. Nobody begs for your autograph when you are a fast-food worker. Nobody asks for a picture with you when you are a checker at WalMart. Nobody Googles your name when you’re the guy that checks oil at Jiffy Lube. Why would you want to break you back at two, even three jobs just to get by when you could rake in millions of dollars by doing nothing more than singing a catchy, meaningless song and shaking your behind on stage for a bunch of impressionable teens?

What is all comes down to is ease. Being famous and well-known is simple. We don’t do the hard things anymore, because over the years we’ve let people brainwash us into thinking that people who work hard for a living are “simple” and deserving of our pity. But you know what? Working hard IS cool, and I think the celebrities among us need to thank hard-workers. Because of those who work for a living, we have the televisions on which we can watch their vacuous shows. Because of those who work hard, we have computers upon which we can search for the latest “gossip” of the celebrity of the day. Because of those who work hard, we have Twitter and Facebook so we can keep up with a celebrity’s every move. Because of celebrities we have… uhm….

Let me get back to you on that.

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