Both Families of Beheaded Journalists Say They Were Threatened With Prosecution By State Department

Both Families of Beheaded Journalists Say They Were Threatened With Prosecution By State Department

First the Foley family revealed they had been threatened with prosecution if they tried to pay a ransom to free their captured son. Now the Sotloff family has come out and said they too were threatened by a White House counterterrorism official last May.  This is incredible considering their sons were likely to be murdered. Why is the government stopping parents from protecting their sons? How many more families of captured Americans are going to be threatened by our own government if they they try to rescue their kids?

According to Weasel Zippers,

The Sotloff family issued their statement after Diane Foley, the mother of murdered journalist James Foley, told ABC News that her family took statements by the White House counterterrorism official about legal bars to paying ransom as a “threat, and it was appalling. … We were horrified he would say that. He just told us we would be prosecuted.”

The double standard is appalling. Last year, Jesse Jackson successfully negotiated for the release of U.S. citizen Kevin Scott Sutay, who had been captured by the FARC of Colombia.  That wasn’t the first U.S. hostage Jackson had gotten freed, either. Why is Jackson, an unelected race-mongering busybody, allowed to negotiate for the release of captured U.S. citizens, but their own families aren’t? The unequal treatment – and subsequent brutal deaths of these innocent Americans – is disturbing.


Rachel Alexander

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