Family’s Dream Home Turns into a Nightmare When They Find Out It’s Contaminated with METH

Family’s Dream Home Turns into a Nightmare When They Find Out It’s Contaminated with METH

Imagine this: You move into a house, spend thousands of dollars making it perfect, but soon after you move in your small children become chronically ill and the family dog becomes riddled with cancer. One family in Indiana lived this nightmare, only to find out later that their home had been a meth den before they bought it.


From The Daily Mail:

Jennifer and Chris Nugent had spent thousands of dollars to turn a spacious house in Mooresville Indiana, into their dream home where they were hoping to raise their children and retire one day.

But what the Nugents did not know was that their new house was a former meth den that was now slowly poisoning their entire family, including their pet dog.

Chris and Jenny Nugent used all their savings last year to take out a mortgage on a $144,000 two-story house with a porch and an acre of land.

Then in February a neighbor finally shed light on what was happening inside their home: the previous owner had allegedly cooked and used methamphetamine inside.

Mrs Nugent immediately purchased a meth test kit for $50, and the results confirmed their worst fears.

The first floor of their house, including the baby room, had meth levels 18 times higher than what is considered safe under the law, and the upstairs bedrooms were three times the legal limit..

The Nugents moved out of their dream home at once and settled in an apartment after discarding most of their belonging for fear of contamination,

‘It feels like a death happened, to be honest,’ Jenny Nugent said. ‘That’s how it feels to my husband and I.’

How would you react if this had happened to your family? Would you be angry? Frightened? I for one would be very upset that nobody had told me about the home’s history, and therefore opened up my family to possible danger.

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