Father JUMPS To His Death From Bridge With 2 Young Sons In His Arms – Then A Miracle Happened [VIDEO]

Father JUMPS To His Death From Bridge With 2 Young Sons In His Arms – Then A Miracle Happened [VIDEO]

A New Jersey father who kidnapped his young sons aged one and three, was pronounced dead after he held both boys in his arms while leaping from a 100-ft bridge. The miracle of the situation is that the boys survived the murder-suicide attempt with only minor injuries.


John Spincken, 37, was declared dead on the scene at the Route I-287 overpass over the Wanaque River. The police had been notified by Spincken’s wife, Fara Araullo, that her boys had been kidnapped by their father just before 7 pm on Monday.

Spincken runs an auto detailing service called Autolux and had been arguing with Fara that Monday. The dispute got to the point that Spincken threatened to harm himself as well as his sons as he took them and drove off in his SUV. Taking the threat at his word, Fara called the police who subsequently tracked Spincken’s phone which pinged going down I-287 southbound in Wanaque Township.

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When police had a visual on the vehicle, it had been parked near the overpass bridge, with no sign of Spincken or the boys. That was until they looked down. Police believe that he must have scaled the suicide prevention fence with the boys in tow, then leaped off, killing himself on impact 100-ft down. Police found his body, as well as the boys on the bottom.

Astonishingly, whether by using the father’s body as a cushion, or by a miracle, or maybe both…the children were alive and conscious when police found them. The one year-old had, given the circumstances, suffered only a bruised lung and concussion, while his three year-old brother only had a concussion. They were immediately taken to the hospital.

Pequannock Police Captain Christopher DePuyt spoke with reporters about the incident:

‘It’s a miracle [they survived]. Happened very quickly and [the domestic disturbance] became secondary to why we were called there after he threatened to do harm to the boys.’

Records show that Spincken had pleaded guilty in violation of a domestic violence restraining order placed on him back in 2003.

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