Feel the surge! Trump Jumps In The Polls, Cuts Hillary’s Lead

Feel the surge! Trump Jumps In The Polls, Cuts Hillary’s Lead

An ABC tracking poll is showing that Trump is becoming steadily more desirable when compared to Hillary Clinton and in the final days leading up to the election, this is exactly the kind of boost he needs.

Will this cause him to campaign harder as the election season winds down, or will he sit back and expect his numbers to continue rising? Only time will tell.


The results of the toll was a 4 point difference, putting Hillary Clinton at 48% and Trump at 44%.

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“The results show sharp differences from the first four nights of tracking — immediately after a very difficult two weeks for Trump — compared with the past three nights, as those controversies have receded to some extent,” ABC News reports.

“Given that these are the two least popular presidential candidates in ABC/Post polling history, ambivalence about turning out looks to be a factor.”

We’ve seen an increase in Trump’s poll numbers and if this trend continues, he could very well make this the tightest Presidential race in recent history. He’s definitely giving Hillary “Give-Me-My-Coronation” Clinton a run for her money!

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