Fight Video: 6’5′ Black Guy Wants Fight With 5’2′ Asian and Gets More Than He Can Handle

Fight Video: 6’5′ Black Guy Wants Fight With 5’2′ Asian and Gets More Than He Can Handle

Size isn’t everything, lets just get that out there. No, I’m not talking about that kind of size, I’m talking about the size of stature. Specifically when it comes to going toe-to-toe with someone else that is your size and a half. In this video, you’ll see what a little man can do when he picks a fight with a much younger, much skinner, and much taller punk teenager.


Yes, the little guy did instigate the fight. But like most YouTube fight videos, you never know who came out with the first offense. It’s always one sided, and unfortunately, that’s where the truth more often than not gets buried. Anyways, when the video starts, you can feel that a brief confrontation had just happened, as the teenager is seen standing awkward there. Shortly following, a very tiny man of what seems like Asian decent comes stomping up claiming he could kick the kids…well, butt, to keep language clean. Well as things intensify, the much smaller man takes a swing, my guess as flinch move. Either that, or his arms are so short, he can’t possibly reach the kids head…

maxresdefault (1)

Yes. Okay. The little man is really the aggressor as far as we can see…but come on! Give him a break. He’s probably had to fend off attacks about his height his entire life, and there was no way he was going to take another mocking jeer from another punk kid who was in diapers back in the year 2000.

Did you see that? Neither of these two knew what they were doing. But that didn’t stop them from swinging. When it was all over the little man had bruises and welts all over his head from the punk kid…but you can’t help but feel as if he won anyways. Call it a ‘Rocky Balboa’ complex, but he just kept swinging.

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