Firefighter Falls Through Roof of Burning Building. You Should See Him Now…

Firefighter Falls Through Roof of Burning Building. You Should See Him Now…

As a war rages on against police officers, it’s also important to remember the brave men and women who confront danger each time they are called: firefighters. One firefighting captain was engulfed in flame, but after six months, was finally able to walk out of the hospital and his tale is truly inspiring.


As ABC30 reports, it’s been nearly six months since Fresno, California fire captain, Pete Dern, fell through a roof while trying to put out a house fire.

Dern’s body was immediately engulfed in flames as his fellow colleagues worked to rescue him. Dern received severe burns to over 60% of his body.

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Many, including Pete Guadiano, one of the men who pulled Dern out, thought he wouldn’t survive… but he did.

“That was pretty horrifying to witness,” Guadiano says.

On Wednesday, he walked out of the hospital with minimal assistance.

The Fire Captain was met by a crowd of people and publicly thanked the “thousand people” who have helped him along the way.

“Before I go I have to thank at least a thousand people that helped me get here,” Dern says. “I gotta thank God for plucking me out of there and giving me a second chance at life. The Burn Unit, I can’t even begin to explain how amazing they are.”

Burn Unit Supervisor, Sandra Yovino, tells ABC30 that Dern’s recovery was nothing short of “remarkable,” calling him the “epitome of what a survivor can be.”

Despite still having a long road to recovery ahead of him, Dern was only thinking about finally getting the chance to return home with his wife and daughter that day.

Thank God for His mercy that has allowed this brave man to return to his family.


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