Florida Man Is Turned Down After Trying to Buy $60K BMW With Food Stamps. But Then…

Florida Man Is Turned Down After Trying to Buy $60K BMW With Food Stamps. But Then…

Do you remember that part of the Declaration of Independence that promised that the purpose of government was to ensure the prospect of life, liberty and a sweet Beamer furnished by the taxpayers? No, me neither. Still, that didn’t stop one man from trying to buy a luxury vehicle with food stamps. When he was denied, he came-back with an even more outrageous sense of entitlement.


One Florida man was arrested for allegedly attempting to steal a $60,000 BMW just one day after a car dealership refused his offer to buy it with food stamps.

Authorities said that Nicholas Jackson, 36, allegedly tried to buy the BMW on Wednesday with his Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card, but was turned down by the auto dealership, according to the Daily Mail. But on Thursday night, the Pompano Beach dealership reported that it had been burglarized and that the BMW in question was missing. The keys to 60 other cars were reported to be missing, as well, according to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office.

The farcical American welfare-state has a new posterchild. Meet Florida-resident Nicholas Jackson, who tried to… https://t.co/UY6uZK5FnM

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The authorities stated that Jackson had no money in the bank to even fill the stolen BMW’s tank with gas, and thus ran out of gas at an intersection, where he was later discovered along with BMW and the 60 stolen car keys on Friday, according to the Daily Mail.

After he and the BMW were picked up and traced, Jackson was charged with grand theft auto and is being held in jail on a $20,000 bond.

This is shocking but, at the same time, not altogether surprising.

We live in an America where those who contribute the least to society are told over and over again that they are owed the luxuries of life.

Taxpayers furnish every conceivable nicety of life to those who do not pay taxes. Free food, free healthcare, free or reduced housing, free internet, free Obama phones and free air conditioners are just some of the perks one can receive if they’re willing to sponge-off the taxpayers.

So, is it really so ridiculous that this man thought he could receive a “free” car courtesy of taxpayers?

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