Former Clinton Staffer Linda Tripp on Hillary: She Threw Objects, Screamed, Profanity, Paranoia [AUDIO]

Former Clinton Staffer Linda Tripp on Hillary: She Threw Objects, Screamed, Profanity, Paranoia [AUDIO]

Everyone is worried about Hillary Clinton fainting and coughing, but I’m worried about her mental health and her capacity to handle the stresses that come with being the President of the United States.

While she was busy talking about Trump’s temperament, the people who know her best were writing about HER temperament, and what they had to say is not only bad, but it’s downright frightening.


No don’t get me wrong, I fully believe that everyone is allowed to have an off day where they yell, scream, breakdown, etc. I will never hold that against anyone, because I know how it is to need that release.

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However, Hillary Clinton took these “breakdowns” way too far and far too often. According to former White house staffer Linda Tripp, Hillary was constantly screaming, throwing objects and showing general disdain for the American people in private.

“The voting public will never see behind the Clinton mask. But if they could they would see what I saw behind closed doors all of those years ago. They’d see a completely different human being from the one presented to the voters. Because in Hillary they’d see a coarse, profane political operative. With no moral compass. And a complete willingness to manipulate the rule of law to her benefit. They would see a fearsome, paranoid individual with zero concern for the masses. She sees the voting block merely as a necessary evil to achieve her goals. She is a total impressive smoke and mirrors act.”

“In the Clinton White House there was endless screaming,” she recalled. “Constant vulgar profanity on the part of both the President and the First Lady. And it’s hard for me to refer to her as the First Lady, frankly.

“You’ve heard all about the hurling of hard objects. All of that was true. But what you haven’t heard is the cowering of the White House staff in her presence. There was a contempt for the military. And this is a woman who believes she is entitled to be commander-in-chief. And that was very, very difficult for me. Having had a 20-year history with the military. And a deep, abiding respect for all the members of the Armed Services. She had a hatred of Republicans. And I have think we have seen that with her basket of deplorables (comments). Sometimes the truth just peaks out.”

Asked whether she actually saw Hillary throw hard objects at Bill Clinton, Tripp replied, “No, we just saw the result on the president’s face. Literally.”

Listen to the Tripp interview:

Does this sound like someone we should allow anywhere near the nuclear codes?

I don’t think so.

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