Former Miss Universe Decides To STOP Attacking Trump, She Couldn’t Stand The Heat

Former Miss Universe Decides To STOP Attacking Trump, She Couldn’t Stand The Heat

It turns out that Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado has had a ‘change of heart’ about talking about Trump these days. This may indicate that her own scandals and past history do not make for a very good judge of character.


Machado was used as a political tool by Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign to bring up comments that were made by her opponent Donald Trump in the past. Comments that allegedly lambasted the ex-beauty queen’s weight. Now how such a useless attack draws any concern in a Presidential debate, the historians years from now will have to hash that one out.

“We will not be discussing the Trump subject any further,” a representative for Machado was reported stating.

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Machado was quoted as blaming Trump “launching insults and are attempting to revive slanders and false accusations about my life, in order to humiliate, intimidate, and unbalance me.”

Now she’s repealing any effort made by her and the Clinton campaign to continue on that path of attacking the Republican nominee for President. Does it have anything to do with the push back she has received from Trump himself? He’s always spouting that he’s a counter puncher and there would be nothing easier than counter punching someone with a shady past.

Take for instance the allegation of Machado having sex on camera on a reality show — while being engaged at the time. Then there is the allegation that she had a baby with a Mexican drug lord.


It was also alleged that Machado’s accusations and unswerving support for Clinton was actually a deal made by her and the campaign – allowing her a fast track free card to become of U.S. citizen — in which she was naturalized on Aug. 19th this year.

A video also came out that showed Trump at a press conference with Machado where he offered strong support for the somewhat heavier than standard beauty queen.


You can’t disregard Trump’s counters as a non-issue in her recent change of heart on the attacks. Clinton may need to find another attack dog for her campaign.

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