He Found a Secret Button in a Hotel Dresser… When He Pushed It? WHOA!

He Found a Secret Button in a Hotel Dresser… When He Pushed It? WHOA!

During his stay at a Strater Hotel in Durango, Colorado- THIS man recently discovered a SECRET BUTTON…so he had to see what pushing it would lead to So he pushed it- and it opened a drawer. There within that drawer there lie a secret…

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Using the Imgur image sharing website to recount his tale, the unidentified man explained that each hotel room had a journal where visitors could write about their experiences in that particular room.

Reading through the journal in his room, the man noticed that several past patrons had written about some sort of “hidden drawer in the dresser.”

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“So I set out to find it,” he continued.


When he opened up the top-right drawer, he noticed something odd — a button of some sort.

Upon pushing the button..

A secret drawer above the top rightmost one popped up, revealing the last thing the man would have ever expected to find: a 2-year-old note that read, “If you found this, add your name and drop me an email.”

Apparently, the individual who wrote the note wanted to track who else also found the secret drawer, and thus he created a tiny checklist of sorts.

Also included in the secret drawer were coins, presumably left by other patrons who found the note.

That’s pretty neat, right? Though to be fair, it would be more interesting had the note been from 1914 or even 1814. Still, if this tradition continues uninterrupted, one day many years from now — perhaps in 2114, someone else might find the secret drawer and think, “Wow … that’s amazing!”

Mind you, by the time that happens, email addresses might not even exist anymore, because of all we know, humans will have upgraded to “brain addresses” or something by then.

Regardless, the next time you stay at a hotel room, keep your eyes open, because you never know what you might find hiding right underneath your nose.

Of all the things you could leave in a hidden secret drawer for someone to discover- it was a letter that said, ‘hey you found me, now write down your name!’ I would have opted for some super hilarious gag gift… to creep them out or freak them out…but hey, that’s just me.

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