Four Utah Men Charged With Raping 9-Year-Old Girl

Four Utah Men Charged With Raping 9-Year-Old Girl

A horrible story has emerged and is making its way around the net. Four Utah men are being held after they allegedly raped a 9-year-old girl. And the girl’s mother? Where was she? She was allowing it to happen while she was smoking meth in the garage. Classy.


Four Utah men — ages 20 to 36 — were being held on allegations that they raped a 9-year-old girl, authorities said Sunday.

The men, Randall and Jerry Flatlip, 29 and 26, and Josiah and Larson RonDeau, 20 and 36, were arrested between March 29 and April 1, the Uintah County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

The men allegedly raped the girl on March 27 while her mother was visiting friends at a home in Uintah County, in the eastern part of the state, the statement said.

Investigators determined that while the girl was asleep on a couch, her mother went to the garage to smoke methamphetamine, the statement said, adding: “During that time, the child was taken into another room in the home where she was raped by the four men.”

The men were charged with first-degree felony rape of a child and first-degree sodomy and were being held in the Uintah County Jail, the statement said.

The girl, who the sheriff’s office said is safe, is now in state custody.

It was unclear Sunday whether the men had lawyers.

Whether one is a staunch social conservative or not, can we all agree that society, as a whole, has become far more disgusting and immoral in recent decades?

It’s clear that society has always had problems and there will never be a perfect society, but I cannot help but feel that these kinds of headlines would be unthinkable in an age where the nuclear family reigned supreme and ethics and reverence for right and wrong were much more prominent in conversations.

When we start destroying cultural pillars and ridiculing the values of yesteryear on a macro level, it seems that we are inviting these kinds of atrocities to an extent.

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