Fred Thompson’s Words Before He Died Make Me PROUD TO BE AMERICAN!

Fred Thompson’s Words Before He Died Make Me PROUD TO BE AMERICAN!

This past week, our nation lost a gifted actor, a dedicated political leader and a good man. Former senator and “Law and Order” actor Fred Thompson was a good American and his words recorded before he died will live on. Please take a moment and listen:


Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN) passed away this week. He was a patriot, former presidential candidate, actor on “Law and Order,” and a famous radio personality.

With his charm, wit, and brilliance… He was an unapologetic defender of everything that makes America great.

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Sadly, lymphoma took him too early from this Earth at the age of 73. He is in a better place now.

Before he died, he recorded this incredible message to the American people. It is called “So God Made a Patriot.”

This is inspiring… You have to listen to this!

“God said, ‘I need someone who even after crushing defeats rises up and stands tall. Someone who hears the clarion call that these are the times that try men’s souls and does not shrink from the trial. Someone who will cross a frozen river in the dead of winter when all logic and reason says turn back, abandon hope.’ So God made a Patriot.”

God Bless Fred Thompson and his family in this time of sorrow.

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