Freedom From Religion Foundation Wants Portrait Of Jesus Taken Down

Freedom From Religion Foundation Wants Portrait Of Jesus Taken Down

Does the First Amendment protect the freedom of religion? Or does it protect citizens from ever having to encounter any discussion of religion? For those who have even a modicum of understanding of the Constitution, the answer is clear. For others, like rabid atheists, the government exists to harbor people from any mention of religion. Now, a sect of these zealots are trying to force the removal of a picture of Jesus Christ from a Kentucky courthouse.


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A portrait of Jesus in a Kentucky courthouse may draw a lawsuit. Liberty Counsel is standing by to defend it.

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Mat Staver: Matt this is in Breathitt County, Kentucky, and there are drawings of Jesus, Mr. Magoo, and some beautiful landscapes. They all share the wall space in the main hallway of the courthouse in Breathitt County. Now, the Freedom From Religion Foundation is still raising all kinds of a stir. They sent a letter to the Breathitt County Judge Executive, John Lester, or J.L. Smith, in August of 2015 asking him to remove the drawing of Jesus.

But he has nothing to do with it. He says he will NOT remove the drawing of Jesus.

Matt Barber: Well this letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation is not worth the paper it’s written on. It’s nonsense. They’re a bunch of  anti-Christian agitators. but not only is the Freedom From Religion Foundation anti-Christian, and really just disgustingly so, they say the most vile things about Christians and Christianity, the hostility just seeps from their pores. But really, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, Mat, is un-American.  

And the historical record is unequivocal that our nation was founded on the precepts that we need to have freedom OF religion, NOT freedom FROM religion…

For the full 11-minute dialogue, please click here.

The First Amendment provides a freedom of religion. It provides a prohibition against an official establishment of state religion and further provides protection for citizens to worship as they please.

It does not, however, offer a protection from any mention of religion. That a picture of Jesus Christ hangs in the courthouse is no establishment of state religion, but a celebration of the Judeo-Christian ethic upon which our nation was founded.

Some people need a hobby and for militant atheists, complaining seems to be it.

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