Genius Criminal Robs Photo Booth, It Snaps Picture Of Him

Genius Criminal Robs Photo Booth, It Snaps Picture Of Him

In this day and age, your photo is constantly being taken. Surveillance cameras at stores and ATM machines record your movements, but maybe, just maybe, you should also assume that a photo booth has the capability of taking your picture if you’re trying to rob it. One dumb criminal will likely soon be caught thanks to his unwillingness to think this through.


For one Illinois man, stepping inside a photo booth won’t be the same anymore.

According to police in Batavia, Ill., the man entered a photo booth at the Funway Amusements and pried open the cash register. He was able to take close to $75, but while exiting, he left a lot more evidence behind.

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The suspect had no idea the machine was taking photos the entire time.

The owner of the machine says it is designed to take photographs when it senses tampering to the cash register.

If a criminal is caught because of excellent police work or a stroke of luck, it is satisfying. It is even more satisfying when they’re undone by their own stupidity.

Though he has not yet been caught, someone out there knows this Einstein and with a clear picture, it’s only a matter of time before he is apprehended.

On November 25, 2015 the above Offender entered a photo booth at Funway Amusements in Batavia where he pried open the…

Posted by BPD Special Updates on Thursday, February 4, 2016

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