George H.W. Bush To Vote Hillary Clinton – Releases This Statement After News Breaks…

George H.W. Bush To Vote Hillary Clinton – Releases This Statement After News Breaks…

George Bush Sr. is now 92 years-old. Do you remember him? He was the 41st President of the United States and gave an infamous speech for the 1991 State of the Union where he famously said: “What is at stake is more than one small country; it is a big idea: a new world order, where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind — peace and security, freedom and the rule of law. Such is a world worthy of our struggle and worthy of our children’s future.” Calling the United States a ‘small country’ was insult enough, but to decide to use America as a tool to ‘achieve universal aspirations of mankind’ is quite another. Mankind doesn’t have any ‘Universal aspirations’. It’s hard enough to get Americans within the same culture to agree on one thing, let alone the whole world of many cultures. I am no conspiracy theorist, but the phrase ‘New World Order’ was coined by our 41st President, so we will have this discussion with that one thing in mind.

It was reported that George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush wanted to stay silent about the upcoming race for the Presidency and who they support. But former Maryland lieutenant governor and daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy wanted to find out who Bush Sr. was supporting for the Presidency. She asked him and then immediately took a selfie with him and posted his response on Facebook.


“The President told me he’s voting for Hillary!!”

In a telephone interview, Townsend said she met with the former president in Maine earlier today, where she said he made his preference known that he was voting for a Democrat. “That’s what he said,” she told POLITICO.
Asked about Townsend’s post, George H.W. Bush spokesman Jim McGrath in an email replied, “The vote President Bush will cast as a private citizen in some 50 days will be just that: a private vote cast in some 50 days. He is not commenting on the presidential race in the interim.”

I guess my question to you is this: Does it surprise you that the man who said the United States is small and that we must unite in a ‘New World Order’ might be voting for Hillary Clinton? They are very similar in belief. While President, Bush Sr. allowed many of the U.N. entrapments to sneak past our Congress. He introduced the U.N.’s Common Core education, which is an arm of Agenda 21 into our education system in the 90’s. Hillary Clinton also believes the United States to be small and should be more under the reign of U.N. treaties and such. They are not very different at all. Now Trump? That guy is not part of that elite group trying to ‘achieve the universal aspirations of mankind’. He’s all for himself which means in turn he would be the kind of President who would be ALL about the United States. He doesn’t believe the U.S. is one small country, like a cog in a machine. Trump believes that the U.S. IS the machine. Trump’s are not the type of ideals that Bush wants in the White House. It’s dangerous because before you know it the United States would become a sovereign nation in the world once again and then what happens to all the Bush’s and Clinton’s work?

Many former GOP officials from both Bush administrations have also announced their support for Clinton over Trump, including national security adviser Brent Scowcroft and former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez.
One Bush official who has taken Trump’s side is former Vice President Dan Quayle, who told POLITICO in an interview this summer he was still holding out hope both Bushes would back Trump. “Clearly in their heart of hearts I should hope they would want a Republican president, but they can speak for themselves,” Quayle said in an interview in July.

Dan Quayle was such a stud and polar opposite to GHW Bush. It was very sad for our country to end up with Bush Sr. after Reagan and not a Dan Quayle.

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